Any Questions? Please read below!



First, let us just acknowledge here that we are not amazon: we are a small team, doing the best we can. So we also ask that you do the best you can, by following these guidelines below. 

If items are unworn and tags are still attached, we will gladly accept your return/exchange if postmarked within 14 days of receiving. 

What does unworn mean? It means you can try it on, and look in the mirror, but that’s about it. 

Although we love that you are active, please don’t take the clothes for a spin and then try to return. Please do not cover the items in deodorant or body spray - that makes it worse. 

To start a return/exchange, please email customerservice@viicaya.com, with your order number, subject line: RETURN ORDER #xxxx, and which product(s) you'd like to return/exchange. Thank you!

**Please note, if you are making an international return- the return shipping label will be paid for by the customer.**

How do I find my size?

Watch This Video! 

Then take a look at the VIICAYA size chart!  

What does VIICAYA mean?

VIICAYA is the birth of VII (Roman Numeral 7) and CAYA (Come As You Are).

Pronounced: "Vai-kai-yuh" 

How quickly can I expect my product to be shipped to me?

We ship out of the wretchedly hot state of Arizona, Monday through Friday. Orders are picked up by USPS by 2pm MST (AZ does not change times) and we aim to have any domestic packages to you within 3-5 business days of shipment. If you are international, while we will get the package out of our warehouse as fast as possible, we unfortunately do not have inside government connections to guarantee customs will be a breeze. 


Do you ship internationally?

We do, but please be aware that sometimes customs is a real pain. We will get the items to you as fast as possible, but expect it to take a bit longer. International shipping rates are contingent upon global shipping rates at time of order. We do not control what you pay for shipping. 


How do I get featured on your Community page?

We would love to have you on our Community page! Tag us in any photo's of you wearing VIICAYA on Instagram, and when we update our Community page we will pick from our tagged photos!

Do you have brand ambassadors? 

Not at this time but if the time comes, we will call you. Don’t call us. It just makes it weird.. 

What is the difference between flat front, and pouch front?

Flat front has a vertical center seam, whereas pouch front has two parallel seams for extra space. Pouch front is not currently available, but we are working on it for the future!


How do pre-sales work?

If you are one of the lucky few that gets first crack at new items, you are locked in and billed upon purchase, which ensures that your order will ship first when the time comes. Time frame varies, but ideally look for pre sale purchases to ship within 2-3 weeks of placing your order.